Introduction to BOSC Civil & Site Management

BOSC Civil & Site Management prides itself on being able to deliver a range of multi-disciplinary projects ensuring that the client’s time, cost and quality targets are met. Our ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships with our clients, whilst ensuring that our projects are delivered professionally and with integrity, is something that we actively promote. With almost 20 years experience in the civil construction industry, the BOSC team has managed a number of major iconic projects across Australia. Our experience and expertise has seen BOSC involved in a range of major pavement, bulk earthworks, structures and large scale stabilisation projects. BOSC goes above and beyond its competitors as the company has the diversity amongst its team to tackle all projects. BOSC uses a simple methodology that prioritises how each job is delivered at the work front; BOSC only employs quality people that sign onto the company’s morals, principles and beliefs, keeping the company grounded and focused on what’s important to its clientele. With a track record for being cost effective and safely delivering a quality product, BOSC and its people have built a solid reputation in the civil construction industry. BOSC can offer a range of resources from quality assurance representatives, engineers, supervisors up to general superintendents and senior project managers. BOSC can assure any potential client that it has what it takes to deliver on time, every time.